What is Proctek?

Proctek is a division of Matexnet. We are a B2B marketplace that enables SMEs and Large corporates to identify, connect, negotiate and transact their entire business journey digitally. We are a sourcing and procurement tech enabler between buyers and sellers. We enable this for our existing 800 large corporate clients and 10,000 vendor base with whom we have built and established a relationship over the last 27 years because of the legacy of MatexNet.

Digital Marketplace for Buyers & Sellers

Identify, Connect, Source, Negotiate and Transact your entire end to end business journey

Digital Profiling

Maintain a digital business presence, get recognized and expand your market share without any marketing or operational cost. Your profile will display your organization's details, industry, market and product categories that your function in. The more you fill, the more business you get!

Quick Rating

We validate your organization through APIs as soon as you register on Proctek. Become a Proctek certified organization. We provide you a report and certificate for authentication of your business.


Get your organization self-rated through our AI driven rating methodology which is connected to 27 APIs to validate your organization's credit worthiness, legal background, promoter score, financials, tax compliance etc. Stand out from the rest and get recognized as a validated and credible organization! Accelerate your business and gain access to more business opportunities!

Rating Campaign

Easily understand the credibility and reliability of all your vendors, customers & distributors inviting them for a rating campaign through our AI driven rating system. Find the perfect business partner for unmatched synergy with Proctek Rating Campaigns. Connected to 27 APIs, get a detailed report and evaluation of all your partners without any human intervention.


A dedicated online storefront to showcase your products & services, Start to receive inquiries and bulk orders for your business. You can display all your offerings, specifications, catalogues, inventory etc. and get RFQs round the clock.

Public RFQ

Float RFQs on Proctek so every registered organization can get access and place their quotes. Get the best prices from PAN India rated suppliers across industries and product categories.

Private RFQ

Float RFQs to a select set of organizations whom you wish to work with. You can shortlist suppliers and also invite your own suppliers to participate in your Private RFQs. Enjoy a hassle free price comparison and make crucial business decisions. These RFQs cannot be accessed by all registered organizations on Proctek who are not invited by you.

Vendor Discovery

Source new credible and relevant vendors on Proctek by going through their digital profiles, storefront, rating and so much more. Expand your vendor base and discover competitive prices for your purchases and shorten the RFQ to Q time.


For Buyer

Identify, source and expand credible vendors base across industries and product categories. Understand every supplier's business, offerings, products and so much more through their digital profiles.
Float your RFQs publicly to discover competitive prices from suppliers on Proctek. Place orders and inquiries on storefronts of suppliers 24/7. Through AI matchmaking, Proctek can find relevant rated vendors and best prices for you if you cannot find them yourself.
Do a competitive e-negotiation with a combination of vendors sourced on Proctek and your own vendors. Enjoy credit period and other financial assistance through our Fintech partners and receive logistics bill discounting for last mile deliveries.
Proctek is a one-stop solution for all your A,B and C class procurements. We have dedicated offerings for all your purchases. It's time you said goodbye to all your procurement worries through Proctek.


For Seller

Reach out and transact with large corporations digitally. Get recognized as a validated vendor with Self Rating and expand your customer base without any marketing or operational cost.
Enjoy financial assistance, instant funding and receive cash upfront on orders. Receive digital RFQs and enquiries round the clock from mid to large corporate buyers across PAN India.
Create a digital business presence, showcase your products, categories, market expertise on the storefront, provide quotes and get new business opportunities.